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Do I need counseling as a musician?

In 2016, Help Musicians commissioned the University of Westminster and MusicTank to undertake the largest known study into mental health and the music industry.
  • 2,211 (self-selected) respondents took part in the industry-wide survey

  • [Of those that reported] 30% claimed they would be very likely to, or had already sought help

  • 71.1% of all respondents believed they had experienced panic attacks and/or high levels of anxiety

  • 55% felt there were gaps in the provision of services for musicians

  • 68.5% reported they had experienced depression

Anxiety struggles musicians

Do you still think you're the only one struggling?

Book your trial session to see if you can benefit from my services.

What can we work on?


Stress, anxiety, loneliness: dealing with hard feelings on your path


Time-management: how to be a high-level professional and enjoy friends and family


Better relationships at work and in private: keeping healthy boundaries in the rehearsal room, finding support from beloved ones without overwhelming them


Perfectionism and over-thinking: how to use it to your advantage


Motivation: reconnecting to your initial passion


Competitions, auditions, frustration, jealousy: how to feel secure in this extremely competitive and demanding industry?

... and many, many more
- you choose!
I found your method very personal and very emphatic. I think you are somebody who knows how to adapt to different situations, who is very clear on your opinions and at the same time you give space to people to express themselves. When people have this space, magic occurs.

Elisa, Rotterdam.

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