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Audition Ready for Singers:
4 weeks in 3 months
The Hague and online
with Luba and Emily
Opera Singer


Remember entering that audition and feeling like you doubt your vocal technique, did not have enough practice with your pianist, or are unsure if your aria package suits your voice and personality and if you like those arias at all, or...


You feel insecure and silly standing there...


If this is how you have felt , 


Join us.


The joint workshop with me as your pianist and counselor and professional American singer Emily Martin (meet her HERE) as your singing technician and career coach is designed so that in 3 months and 4 session periods, you will be your best version, and you will LOVE the work you do.


Our goal is to prepare you to do great and help you feel more in your comfort zone when on stage, while practicing, choosing your pieces, or thinking about your voice.

You will identify your core values and needs and understand who you are as an artist.  You’ll learn how to connect these insights to the demands of a singing career and develop the tools to express yourself with authenticity.

February19 - 23


Online and in person​

  • Online session with Luba on emotional challenges around auditions and performances 

  • Career mentor and facilitation online session with Emily 

  • Joint in-person session: find your strategy to choose arias for your next auditions with Luba and Emily 

March 8-15

Digging In

In person

  • Lesson with Emily on vocal work 

  • Session with Luba on presentation, including how to enter an audition, address a pianist, and present to the committee. 

  • Drama work joint session with Emily and Luba 

  • 2 hour Group session to sing for colleagues

April 2-5


Online and in person

  • Career mentor and facilitation work online session with Emily

  • Mock audition joint in-person session with Emily and Luba with discussion and feedback 

April 29-May 3


Online and in person

  • Finalize your materials - career coaching or/and vocal work online session with Emily

  • Final preparation in-person session for recordings and aria package with Luba at piano.

  • optional professional recording of the audition programme with Luba at piano and Emily joining online. The work of sound engineer is to be paid separately (100 eur p/p)

Options: pay in full and get a discount - 950 Eur in total/ Pay in 4 monthly installments of 250 Eur/ Book and pay only the first week to get a taste of what it is for 280 Eur.

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