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Become a better musician through counseling

Feel better, perform better

Meet Luba

musician's coach and counselor

Welcome! I specialize in helping musicians overcome mental and emotional barriers that may be holding them back from achieving their goals. I provide the tools they need to be their best, and I’m passionate about helping them find freedom in their interpretation and connect with their true potential.

I use a unique holistic approach that combines my knowledge of music and psychology to help my clients release resistance and find the confidence they need to take their performance to the next level.

Luba Podgayskaya

What I Specialize In

Overcoming doubts, fear and anxiety

Finding your motivation

Enhancing your performing skills

Improving your communication

 Strategies to improve your confidence

Music authentic connection to yourself

Finding the delicate balance between control and letting go starts with an authentic connection to self

Working with Luba is like walk a path through logic and psychology. With her, you remember things that you lost and you discover skills of yourself that you didn't know. Always made from communication and respect. What a pleasure to work and explore with her!

Julie, The Hague

I feel more confident to keep on developing the path I have been developing lately. 

Anna, Amsterdam

I found your method very personal and very emphatic. I think you are somebody who knows how to adapt to different situations, who is very clear on your opinions and at the same time you give space to people to express themselves. When people have this space, magic occurs.

Maria, The Hague

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KvK-nummer (Dutch Chamber of Commerce): 59403756

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